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Air Cleaners

Today’s energy-efficient homes seal in more airborne irritants than ever before.

Dust, dirt, pollen and more are circulated throughout your home through the heating and cooling vents.That's where we come in.

Air Cleaner
These unwanted particles can settle on your furnishings, pollute the air that you breathe every day and can even restrict airflow and alter performance of your home comfort system. These are some of the reasons why effective air filtration is such an important part of your overall indoor comfort. The Carrier® EZ Flex filter and cabinet can help clear the air while delivering a number of benefits to your indoor furnishings, your home comfort system and more. Built with 20-gauge steel and an attractive, durable powder coat painted finish, our filter cabinet is built to last and is rugged enough to support a 400-pound furnace.

Lasting Durability
Our MERV 10 EZ Flex™ filter effectively traps unwanted particles while allowing smooth, efficient airflow. For an even higher level of filtration efficiency, we offer a MERV 13 filter option as well.

Efficient Airflow
The expandable EZ Flex filter is a patented design using a sophisticated manufacturing system that precisely attaches spacing ribbons for optimum performance and low resistance to airflow. The result is effective filtration and continued optimum airflow through your system.

Unique Filter
A convenient filter change reminder helps you track when filter changes are needed so you can keep enjoying cleaner air and improved system performance. Changing the filter is a breeze as well – simply remove and replace the disposable filter once or twice a year.

Call us today, 412-851-1000! We service, repair, install, and replace all types of air cleaners!

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