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At Beverly Services we can repair, replace, or install a new generator for your home or business.

generac generator
Our technicians specialize in natural gas powered back up generators. We also offer full maintenance programs for your generator. Proper maintenance is a must with generators. You want your generator to work properly when you need it.

Many people will only put the most necessary circuits on their home generator. These circuits may include but are not limited to: their furnace or boiler, refrigerator, freezer, television, computer, and some basic lighting. This eliminates the need for a much larger and more expensive generator for all the circuits in your home saving you $$$.

Our generator installations most often include an automatic transfer switch. This transfers the circuits connected to the generator to generator power automatically within 30 seconds when the power goes out. When power is restored to the home the switch automatically puts the circuits back on the electrical supply to the home and the generator shuts off. Call us today for a free estimate on a new generator for your home or business 412-851-1000! Because we care…we’re always there!


  • 1. Replace oil filter and change oil
  • 2. Replace air cleaner
  • 3. Inspect battery and remove corrosion
  • 4. Clean and tighten battery terminals
  • 5. Hydrometer check battery charge
  • 6. Check battery fluid level and fill as needed
  • 7. Check engine valve clearance and adjust as needed
  • 8. Check gas pressure and adjust as needed
  • 9. Inspect spark plugs and set gap
  • 10. Inspect fuel lines and connections
  • 11. Inspect electrical connections
  • 12. Inspect air inlet and outlet openings and clear obstructions

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