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Knob and Tube Wiring Repairs – Replacement

At Beverly Services we replace knob and tube wiring. It is not recommended that you try to repair this type of wiring system.

knob and tube

knob and tube wiring
Many homes constructed pre 1950’s have what is called knob and tube wiring. It was the predominant wiring system during the 1920’s and 1930’s. It was still used clear up to 1950.

Knob and tube wiring uses protective ceramic tubes or knobs that the wire attaches to or passes through. If you have only two prong outlets (receptacles with no ground wire) or have a home with push button light switches there is a good chance that you may have a knob and tube wiring system. Insurance companies no longer want to insure homes with this type of system because of the high risk of fire. The insurance companies will usually require a certificate of inspection and compliance from a licensed electrician that all the knob and tube wiring has been removed and replaced.

Most knob and tube wired homes have a 60 amp main electrical service. These homes also had limited power distribution throughout the house, both in the number of circuits and the number of outlets on these circuits. The limited distribution has led to abuse by homeowners overloading their systems and making unsafe additions and connections to a system that wasn’t designed for more load. Knob and tube wiring often has unshielded wiring and no grounding wire.

Call us at Beverly Services today to remove your old knob and tube wiring and bring your house up to code!

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