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The last thing any homeowner wants is a major Zoning problem.
ZoningAt Beverly Services, we offer zoning solutions for your home or business. We can install a zoning system that allows you to keep different temperatures in different rooms or areas of the home (zones) utilizing the same system at the same time. This is accomplished by installing properly configured ductwork with electronically controlled dampers that regulate the air flow to each zone. Thermostats or room sensors are installed in each zone as well and are connected to a larger control panel. The heating and cooling system then turns on and off according to the needs of the home. Zoning systems are often said to follow the sun around the house heating and cooling in the most energy efficient manor. We repair, replace, service, and install zoning systems for both residential and commercial customers.

Carrier Infinity Zoning Systems

Some Like It Hot. Some Don't.

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With a properly zoned Carrier Infinity® Home Heating and Air Conditioning System, you can cater to everyone’s comfort preferences, and you can cut your energy costs too. After all, while Dad may love cooling his heels in his in-home office at a brisk 70 degrees, Mom and the kids would likely prefer a balmier setting. And sure, lower temperatures make for a better night’s sleep, unless you’re worried about the new arrival in the second bedroom nursery.

Now, thanks to infinitely customizable home heating and air conditioning system zoning, every area in your home can be optimally comfortable, day or night. Proper ducting will assure your system operates at maximum effectiveness, to help save valuable energy resources and give you a much-needed break in utility bills. And keep every member of your family in his or her personal comfort zone.

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